Things to do to keep yourself Positive during COVID-19

Remember we are all in this together! Here are 10 fun things to try during quarantine!

A lot of the stress you may be feeling is normal, however, it is important to remember that you are not in this alone. We as a province, community and nation are all experiencing this pandemic together.

In order to help keep your time in quarantine and social distancing, more pleasant here are some fun things to try in order to decrease your stress!

  • Workout! Gyms are closed right now but you can still do online workout classes! See the link below.
  • Try adult coloring books, this is proven to eliminate and decrease stress and not to mention bring out your inner child. You can purchase these at a local “Dollarama” or print them online at home!
  • Facetime with friends and family! The app “HouseParty” is made for video chatting with multiple people are once and you can even play games via the app!
  • Cards against humanity can be played online now! See the link below.
  • Try practicing meditation! Again there are multiple apps and links for videos via YouTube. See below
  • You can watch concerts online! See link below
  • Finally, tackle all the cleaning and organization that you’ve been putting off! This will make you feel less cluttered and more productive.
  • The Toronto Aquarium is now doing live tours / live-streaming! See below for link
  • Try out new recipes! Recipes you have been putting off due to time restraints or more. If you need some inspiration check out “Tasty” or “Pinterest” for ideas!
  • Online Dance classes! Try Zumba, Hip Hop, and more! Youtube has many great videos to try.

Always keep in mind that this is not permanent and things will start to get better the more we work together and stay inside! Each day we are one step closer to this being over! It’s important to remain positive and stay connected to loved ones.

Stay safe stay healthy and remember you are not alone!




Cards Against Humanity:



Aquarium / Museum Tours:

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