After Your Procedure:

  1. After your procedure wait until the numbness in your mouth wears off before eating so you won’t bite your cheek or tongue. Avoid hot foods, as the numbness may make it difficult to measure how hot it is and you may risk burning yourself. Avoid alcohol until the numbness wears off.
  2. Try to eat soft foods during the healing process. E.g. Apple sauce, yoghurt, eggs, bananas, tofu, fish, avocado, and oatmeal are a few options. Avoid hard and crunchy foods to avoid damaging the temporary filling and possibly the tooth. Also avoid sticky foods like gum or taffy as they may displace the temporary crown. Don’t chew or bite down on the treated tooth until it is fully restored by a dentist to avoid damaging it. 
  3. Remember to brush and floss daily to keep the area clean and avoid infection, but be gentle- brush and floss softly around the root canal site.
  4. Take prescribed medication to help with any pain post procedure. Pain should disappear after a few days, discomfort may last about a week. However, increased pain, pain that spreads to gums and cheeks, or pain that does not subside may indicate an issue. Take antibiotic medication if prescribed by the doctor to avoid infection.
  5. Please note, smoking can make the healing process take longer and may increase the risk of infection.

Once your root canal is finished, you’ll need to return to your dentist for a final restoration and to fully restore the tooth. It’s important to make this appointment as soon as the endodontist completes work on your tooth. A properly treated and restored tooth can last as long as your natural teeth.

Please call our clinic at 416-868-4697 if you have any questions or are experiencing any pain or unexpected symptoms.