Will getting a root canal hurt?

Are you anxious about the potential pain associated with a root canal procedure? At River Street Endodontics, we understand the apprehension that often surrounds this common dental treatment. In this blog post, we aim to address the question that lingers in many patients’ minds: will getting a root canal hurt?

Local Anesthesia: Your Ally in Comfort

Contrary to popular belief, modern dentistry has come a long way in terms of patient comfort. The root canal procedure is performed with local anesthesia, so you should not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Post-Procedure Discomfort Management

After the procedure, you may experience some discomfort or sensitivity, but this can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medications. The level of discomfort varies among individuals but it should gradually diminish as the tooth heals. Your dentist will provide more specific information on what you can expect after the procedure.

Click here to read more about the post-operative instructions at our clinic.

Eliminating the Existing Pain

It’s also worth noting that the primary objective of a root canal is to eliminate the underlying source of pain caused by infection or inflammation within the tooth. Once the infected pulp is removed, the pain subsides, bringing relief and improving your oral health.

Communication with Your Dentist

Open and honest communication with your dentist is key to addressing any concerns of fears you may have. Discussing your anxiety beforehand allows your dentist to tailor the treatment plan to your needs, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

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