What to do If your tooth gets knocked out!

Important Steps to follow:

  1. Act fast! In less than half an hour of the trauma or injury go see your nearest endodontist/dentist.
  2. Pick up the tooth by the crown ( the surface not the root).
  3. Rinse in water if there is any dirt on the tooth.
  4. Try and reposition the tooth in the socket if possible.
  5. Most importantly, keep the tooth moist, this can be in your mouth (close to your cheek) or in milk.

Once the tooth has been knocked out, the nerves and tissues will have considerable damage. This will require root canal therapy as the bone will reconnect to the tooth root as soon as it is back in its socket, which is why it is important to try and reposition the tooth in its natural place if possible. If you are younger, the chances of your tooth being recovered are more likely than an adult. If your tooth is intact rather than broken up in several pieces, the chances are higher for it to be saved as well.

It is important to notify your dentist the moment you lose your tooth due to injury or trauma. Also, see your doctor for a tetanus shot if yours or your child is not up to date! The chances of saving your tooth are higher within 30 minutes!

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