Root Canal Facts Everyone Should Know

1. A root canal can save your tooth.

A root canal removes the infected or damaged pulp from the inside of your tooth by disinfecting, shaping, filling and sealing the root canal anatomy.

2. The procedure is comfortable and relatively painless.

You do not need to be put to sleep for a root canal procedure. You will receive local anesthesia and will feel frozen or numb while treatment is provided.

3. Root canals have a high success rate, with many treated teeth lasting a lifetime.

The success rate of root canals is 90-95% based on 10 year studies (Tabassum and Khan, 2016). That means most patients will still have a healthy root canaled tooth many years after treatment, even a lifetime.

4. Your tooth will need a crown afterwards.

After the root canal procedure you will have to return to your dentist for a permanent filling within two weeks. Until then you will a temporary medicated filling placed in the tooth.  Your dentist will also recommend the crown to protect the tooth.

5. There are signs to indicate the need for a root canal, but you may need one even if your tooth doesn’t hurt.

If you are experiencing severe toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling, darkening of the tooth, or other concerning symptoms, please contact us at (416) 868-4697 or email for more information. It’s possible to not feel any pain but your dentist or endodontist can determine if you need a root canal by looking at your tooth’s pulp. If not treated, a damaged or infected pulp can lead to an abscess (a painful collection of pus) or the loss of the tooth.

6. Endodontists specialize in saving teeth.

Saving your tooth is always our priority. We complete an average of 25 root canals per week.

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